Explore the Core of Psychodrama

Empowering Relationships Through Spontaneity and Growth

Delve into the transformative world of Psychodrama Aotearoa New Zealand, where dynamic training fosters deeper interpersonal connections and personal development.

Enhancing Group Dynamics Through Psychodrama

The Integral Role of Psychodrama Training in Professional Development

Discover Your Potential with Psychodrama Training

Whether you’re a therapist, educator, or leader, psychodrama training offers transformative tools that enhance your professional skills and personal growth. Dive into a world where creativity meets empathy and learn techniques that will empower both you and those you work with.

Explore Our Campuses and Training Programs

National & Regional Training Sites

Auckland Campus

Discover our Auckland campus, offering a vibrant community and a full range of psychodrama training courses tailored to enhance interpersonal skills.

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Wellington Campus

Join our Wellington campus for advanced psychodrama techniques and workshops, perfect for deepening your professional practice.

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Christchurch Campus

Our Christchurch campus focuses on sociometry and role training, providing essential skills for effective group and leadership development.

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Hamilton Campus

At Hamilton, we emphasize the integration of sociodrama and psychodrama, preparing you for dynamic and spontaneous interactions in various settings.

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Dunedin Campus

Dunedin Campus

Explore our Dunedin campus where we specialize in blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications in psychotherapy and group work.

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National Training Programme

Our comprehensive National Training Programme spans all campuses, offering a cohesive and in-depth approach to psychodrama across New Zealand.

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Programme Benefits

Gain unparalleled insights into group dynamics and personal development through our structured and experiential learning modules.

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Enrollment Information

Start your journey in psychodrama training. Click here for detailed enrollment processes and prerequisites at each campus.

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Explore Our Foundations

About Psychodrama

Delve deeper into the transformative world of Psychodrama Aotearoa New Zealand. Learn more about our methods and philosophy here.

Explore Our Training Program

About Psychodrama Training

Delve into the dynamic world of Psychodrama Training at Psychodrama Aotearoa New Zealand. Our program is meticulously designed to enhance your professional skills in psychotherapy, leadership, and group dynamics.

Our training offers a profound exploration of psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry, and role training, tailored to foster spontaneity and growth in personal and professional settings.

For a comprehensive understanding of how our training can benefit you, visit our About Psychodrama Training page.