Psychodrama Training

Psychodrama Training

Psychodrama Training

Psychodrama Training

Psychodrama training is a post-graduate level of development. The programme, outlined in the AANZPA Training and Standards Manual, is designed to develop your understanding and expertise in your work with individuals and groups in interpersonal relations, social systems and group processes that enable you to be more effective, spontaneous and creative in your lives and work. 

Training with PANZ

Training with PANZ

Annual training programmes and short training workshops are provided by PANZ campuses.

Progress is determined by an assessment of your role development and readiness to commence the next phase of training. Assessment requirements are discussed by you with your supervisor and trainer at regular intervals throughout the training process.

The training is experiential. You will learn from your direct involvement in the psychodrama method as a protagonist, director, auxiliary, group member, and group leader. Supported by supervision, you will be encouraged in the application of the method in your work.

Psychodrama Training is recognised by the Psychotherapy Board of Aotearoa New Zealand (PBANZ) as a pathway towards registration as a Psychotherapist. Once qualified as a Psychodramatist a person can apply to PBANZ for registration. Trainees wishing to become registered psychotherapists work with campus trainers to establish adequate supervision, client work and any additional training/tasks that might be required given the trainee’s particular circumstances.

Training Plans

Training plans

Trainees are expected to develop an annual training plan in consultation with Campus staff.

New trainees will develop a training plan in their initial meeting with Campus staff trainer.

Trainees who are re-enrolling will update their training plan each year.


A truly therapeutic procedure cannot have less an objective than the whole of mankind.

JL Morneo

Who Shall Survive



Supervision is an integral part of the training process and is central to the ongoing personal and professional growth of the trainee. As trainees progress in their training and apply the psychodrama method in their life and work, supervision assists in the integration of learning.

Individual supervision sessions are available with Campus staff and other approved supervisors. A supervisor is selected in consultation with your current trainer.


Training Plans

Training records

PANZ maintains training records for each trainee which will be provided on request for a fee of $30. Trainees are also expected to keep their own records of attendance.


Completing assignments enables the integration of theory and practice. You will develop a love of writing by wholeheartedly embracing this task. Your trainers will give a response to the work that you present.


The curriculum for each programme is based on the AANZPA Training and Standards Manual and includes teaching, practice, coaching and supervision. 


The process for AANZPA accreditation is described in the Training and Standards Manual.


Trainees are expected to be familiar with and abide by the AANZPA Code of Ethics.

All Campus staff are AANZPA members and are also bound by the AANZPA Code of Ethics. PANZ has a Complaints Procedure.

Peer practice groups

Psychodrama peer practice groups are a vital part of the training and integrated into the training program. These groups arrange their own venue and meeting times. While it is envisaged these groups meet every two weeks throughout the training year, this may vary.