Finding connections – an action seminar in informal and meaningful connections

Formal organisation structures identify the relationship between leaders and staff. Yet everyone knows that it is the informal network of relationships, the people who get together because they want to, that helps get work done. Finding people we enjoy working with rather than the ones we have to makes work meaningful.

The originator, J. L. Moreno, discovered that by making choices overt and active, we would be more spontaneous, authentic and organisations and group structures become fresh, clear and lively. What criteria helps you connect easily with others in your workplace and how do you make that connection authentic.

Discover ways of being more effective and influential with your colleagues and senior leaders.

Using sociometric methods Diana Jones will help you explore moment by moment choices and connections you make within our group as we make sense of formal structures and informal networks in our emerging relationships.

To Apply

Send your name and contact details to


Diana Jones:
Phone: 021522620

Wellington Psychodrama Training Institute

Dates and Times

Tuesday 12th March 2019 10am – 12 noon


IQA LEAP Dojo, Level 8, 93 the Terrace (go through the glass doors next to Gasoline cafe)




Diana Jones

Diana Jones

Leadership coach, presenter, and author, Diana is in the forefront in assisting leaders and teams shift their behaviours to connect relevantly. Her book, Leadership Material: how personal experience shapes executive presence has been well received internationally. Published by Nicholas Brealey business books her book is available in hardcover, Kindle and audio form. Senior leaders call upon Diana’s insights and expertise when they want to reposition themselves, increase their effectiveness in leading groups, rapidly reconnect teams after restructures, transform organisation cultures and increase engagement - all with a focus on delivering results. She is a sociometrist and Trainer, Educator, Practitioner with AANZPA. With over 30-years’ experience Diana helps leaders inspire others and impact the world through positive mutual relationships.