2019 October 25 – 27:  A weekend non-residential workshop (Friday evening plus Saturday and Sunday).

In this playful workshop you will learn about Moreno’s five levels of spontaneity. You will participate in activities that will encourage imaginative flow and increase the ability to say ‘yes’ to life as it presents moment by moment.  Two local practitioners of spontaneity training will lead sessions on improvisation and the use of the voice and music.  There will be opportunities to enact short dramatic enactments so that individual and group spontaneity is maximised and perceptions and solutions emerge. Spontaneity involves presence and authenticity.  Your increased spontaneity will invite increased connection with your clients, colleagues, families and friends.expect to deepen their knowledge of social atom and social atom repair.

Dr J L Moreno (the founder of psychodrama) recognised the essential nature of spontaneity to our survival and on-going development as human beings. Spontaneity is the flow of vital energy that emerges when people surrender all their blocks and conflict.  It cannot be stored up or held onto, however, spontaneity can be developed. The psychodramatic method invites us to leave the conserved and stultified patterns by which we have imprisoned ourselves and to enter once again into a free situation.

Who can attend?

This workshop is designed for people who work with people ie. in health, education, community and business organisations, social work, and other therapeutic fields.  The workshop is designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced trainees.

If you are new to psychodrama, or you have not trained with us before, you will have a training interview with one of the trainers prior to being accepted onto this training workshop.


Claire Guy and Cher Williscroft have a vision to build your capacity for flexible group leadership and for directing psychodramatic and sociodramatic enactments with courage and lightness.  We aim to co-create an open learning environment.  All trainees and practitioners will be encouraged to try out new things with generous encouragement and coaching.  Your learning may be through personal work, group leadership, auxiliary work, producing dramatic enactments, through your reflections and through the relationship you develop with others on the workshop.

Enrol for a Spring School of Spontaneity workshop

ExLD, Nelson


Workshop Code: 2019B

Dates and times

From 7.00 pm Friday, 25 October to
4.30 pm Sunday, 27 October 2019

Non-residential weekend workshop
A total of 14 training hours


Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, Nelson

(Please bring pen and paper.)


$390 incl gst
includes morning and afternoon teas
(BYO lunch to go with others to local cafe)


Claire Guy, TEP Psychodramatist  and

Cher Williscroft, TEP Sociodramatist

Cher Williscroft

Cher Williscroft

Cher Williscroft is a Sociodramatist, a Trainer Educator and Practitioner (T.E.P. AANZPA) and encourages the art of clear and kind communication in conflict situations in the workplace. She is a mediator, and conversation facilitator, coach and mentor. As Managing Director of Conflict Management Ltd she has 30 years’ experience and has a mission to improving workplace relationships through humane communication.

Claire Guy

Claire Guy

PANZ Whakatū Nelson

Claire is a Nelson-based Psychodramatist, TEP and registered psychotherapist. She is known for her spontaneity and authenticity. She has learned through 30 years of experience that laughter and a playful spirit assists the digestion of painful memories and almost unbearable circumstances. She supervises many parents, family workers, counsellors and other practitioners who work with children. One client said to her recently, "Coming to see you is like going to a good movie. First of all, I tell you what is going on; then by some miraculous means we have a laugh together; then I have a good cry. I leave feeling much lighter and happier with myself".