Maria Snegirev

Maria is a Psychodramatist, Registered Psychotherapist and experienced group facilitator. She has been a member of AANZPA since about 2010 and has held various roles on the committee of the Otago branch.

Maria studied at Otago and has a B.A. in Russian Language and Literature, and a Diploma in Teaching. She has 20 years experience in leading Non-Violence programmes and has completed level 1 of Imago training.

Maria’s training journey began with her experiences in teaching children. This grew into a commitment to social justice which has been most strongly expressed in her work at Stopping Violence Dunedin. Her current focus is on expanding the range of her clinical experience by building up her private practice.

Maria’s interesting surname comes from her Russian parentage. She is the daughter of refugees who settled in Southland in the 1960s. This experience has created a life long interest in the transmission of language and culture. An interest in language is shared by her husband Andrew. They both thought very carefully when choosing the names of their two children, who occasionally forgive them.

Maria is passionate about gardening, even the weeds fascinate her! Other outlets for her creativity are; creating with fabrics, mosaics and more recently, macrame. She is currently obsessed with transforming a steep wasteland into a garden with veggies, flowers, native plants, and maybe even a hive of bees.