There is heightened attention right now on racism, its impacts and how it can be overcome. You may be more aware of racism in your professional, community or family life than ever before. Perhaps you find yourself in the middle of conversations about racism, with whatever level of enthusiasm or reluctance that involves. You may be deepening your awareness or gaining fresh perspectives from personal conversations, or from the media, movies, books, or your own reflection.

This workshop offers an opportunity to examine your experiences of coming to grips with racism. Our aim is to create the space for exploration and discovery and for appreciating the challenges and possibilities you may be facing. You will have the opportunity to generate fresh insights and build your resourcefulness.

The workshop is suitable for psychodrama trainees and practitioners, facilitators, educators, leaders and others interested in experiencing sociodrama and further exploring racism. and those with some experience of the psychodrama method. It will involve pre-reading and reflection; sociodramatic enactments; role training; and reflective conversations.

The workshop is being offered in both Melbourne, Australia 20-21 August and Wellington Aotearoa New Zealand 23-25 September.

Workshop Leaders

Jenny Hutt and Bev Hosking are both white (pakeha) women born and raised in Aotearoa New Zealand. They share a keen interest in sociodrama as a ‘third space’ (outside the home and the public arena) where participants can consider their experiences, have room to find out what they feel and think and develop resourcefulness for their ongoing work. Bev and Jenny have led sociodrama workshops on The Complexity of Belonging; Beyond Overwhelm, Spectatorship and Debate about belonging and social cohesion; Finding Your Feet in intercultural work and Finding Firm Ground in working relationships; and New Conversations about Race.

Enrol in W4-2022: Sociodrama Training Worskhop: Comng to Grips with Racism

Wellington Psychodrama Training Institute


Workshop Code: W4-2022

Date and Times

23 September – 25 September 2022

Friday: 23 September: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Saturday: 24 September: 10.00am – 5.30pm
Sunday: 25 September: 9.30am – 5.00pm


Level One, 35-37 Victoria Street, Central Wellington.



Some places are available at a reduced rate

Deposit: $150.00


Jenny Hutt

Jenny Hutt

Jenny Hutt is a facilitator, coach and consultant who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is a Sociodramatist; Trainer Educator, Practitioner (AANZPA)  and Director of Training at Psychodrama Australia’s Melbourne Campus. Jenny is an associate with the Burbangana Group, a majority Aboriginal owned consulting company.

Bev Hosking

Bev Hosking

PANZ Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington

Bev Hosking is an experienced counsellor, group worker and supervisor who has been in private practice since 1987. She is a Role Trainer and TEP (Trainer, Educator and Practitioner); the Executive Director of the Wellington Psychodrama Training Institute, and a member of the AANZPA Board of Examiners.

Bev has been actively pursuing new approaches for us to meet with each other so that we can develop our capacities to respond creatively to our current social, cultural and political realities.

She works with active methods to promote social dialogue and is committed to bringing spontaneity and creativity to all aspects of life and work.